10. Tracks
A track is a compilation of samples or “breadcrumbs” taken over a period of time. To record and save your tracks, select Record Track from the main menu. You may store up to 300 tracks. Here you can also find instructions for importing tracks into MotionX-GPS.

New track recordings are added to the All Tracks directory. Track folders allow you to group tracks from a specific region, activity, or trip together. Create your own custom folders from Options>Add New Track Folder.

MotionX-GPS Tracks
  1. To import waypoints or tracks, send an email from your Mac or PC with one or more GPX files attached to gpsimport@motionx.com.
  2. You will receive an email, which should be viewed from your iPhone Mail app.
  3. Select the link in the email. MotionX-GPS will launch and provide a summary of the number of items that will be imported.
  4. Select "Import Now" and the waypoints or track will be imported.

Note: Forwarding an email with a GPX file from your iPhone to gpsimport@motionx.com is supported. Import emails are limited to 12 waypoint GPX files or one track GPX file per email.

Folder View:

Use the folder view interface to quickly search, move, export, or delete tracks. Select the Edit button to view the track management options (export, move, delete).

MotionX-GPS Tracks

Track Management:

Move tracks to a different folder, delete tracks, or export tracks (GPX files) individually or in groups. This feature is accessed using the Options button (upper right corner).

MotionX-GPS Tracks

Track Overview:

MotionX-GPS Tracks

Track Details:

MotionX-GPS Tracks