13. Setup
Configure MotionX-GPS application preferences from the Setup page.

Sounds: Turn global application sound effects on or off.

Accelerometrics Assisted GPS: Toggle Accelerometrics ON for greater low-speed accuracy, or OFF for improved battery life.

Accuracy Filter: The Accuracy Filter is ON by default for the best GPS position accuracy. You may wish to switch the Accuracy Filter OFF if you are having trouble acquiring a signal or when traveling at very high speeds (over 150 mph or 240 km/h).

Disable Compass Interference Warning: Turn off the warning for inaccurate compass reading due to magnetic interference.

Geocaching: Increases the frequency of position updates.

Navigation: Choose between Rhumb Line or Great Circle navigation.


Skin Styles: Choose either the default color scheme (dark background with orange numbers) or a high-contrast scheme for improved visibility in day/sunlight.

Orientation: Choose between Portrait, Landscape, or Automatic.

Speed Format: Choose between displaying speed or pace on the Track Recorder page and in saved tracks details.

Units: Select either metric, nautical or imperial units.

Coordinate Format: Select a coordinate display format: Degrees/Minutes/Seconds (DMS), Degrees with decimal Minutes (DM), Decimal Degrees (D), UTM, MGRS, or OSGB (UK grid).

Compass: Use either magnetic or true north as a reference.

Custom Fields: Enable the custom fields feature, which enables customizing data fields displayed on various pages including the track recorder, my position, and track summary, and compass pages.


Map Data: When toggled off, new map data will not be downloaded (for those concerned about data usage). Note this does not restrict Google (iOS 5) or Apple (iOS 6) map types. To disable those map tiles from being downloaded turn off cellular data in your iPhone settings.

Backup Maps in iTunes:Enable the backup of your cached and downloaded maps in iTunes during your next sync. Due to the very long sync times associated with backing up map tiles in iTunes, we recommend only turning this option on if you plan on restoring your device, to avoid having to re-download your maps.

Map Caching: Turn Map Caching ON to automatically cache MotionX Road or MotionX Terrain map tiles, or NOAA marine chart tiles, so they can be viewed offline.

iTunes Drag and Drop

See the Map Downloads section of this user manual for details.

iTunes Drag and Drop
  1. Enable iTunes Drag & Drop from Menu > Setup > iTunes Drag & Drop.
  2. Connect your iPhone with your Mac or PC using your sync cable and launch iTunes.
  3. From iTunes, select your iPhone, then select the Apps tab and scroll down to the File Sharing section. Select MotionX-GPS, then add GPX files to the GPS Documents window or save GPX files from your iPhone to your desktop via drag & drop.

Note: the iTunes Drag & Drop feature is not supported on the iPhone 3G or 1st/2nd generation iPod touch.

Voice Coaching

Use the voice coaching options to enable and customize audio updates while recording a track.


Track your heart rate from MotionX using a ANT+ or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) chest strap heart rate sensor.

To setup an ANT+ heart rate monitor, wear the chest strap and connect the ANT+ receiver (dongle or case) to your iPhone. Select Manage Sensor>Connect. Once connected, your heart rate will display on the setup page and in the track recorder.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Newer Bluetooth Low Energy heart rate monitors are supported on the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 as BLE requires a specific Bluetooth chipset found only in these devices. No receiver dongle or case is required and there is no need to pair the BLE HR monitor with your iPhone first. To setup, be sure Bluetooth is turned on from iPhone Settings > General. Wear the chest strap, then from MotionX-GPS select Menu > Setup > Heart Rate Sensor > Manage Sensor > Connect.

Manufacturers of Compatible Heart Rate Chest Straps

Manufacturers of compatible ANT+ iPhone Receiver Dongles and Cases

Auto Position Updates

Auto Live Position Updates will run (GPS chipset will remain active) when MotionX-GPS is backgrounded if Setup > Multitasking is set to either Optimized or Always On.

TapTap® a friend's location sign on the map to view the timestamp of their last location update.


Display Name: This name will be used to identify you to others when sharing.

Facebook: Log into Facebook and post tracks and waypoints directly to your Timeline or Activity Log, to enable Check-ins, and to view your friends’ Check-ins.

Twitter: Sign into your Twitter account to post tweets with track or waypoint information.

Email: Share with up to six email addresses at once.

One-Click share: Turn ON one-click share to skip the Share screen each time you share a track or waypoint.

Track Recorder Button

Select the appropriate Activity Mode (e.g. Biking, Flying, Hiking, etc.) to optimize speed and distance accuracy.

Turn the Track Recorder stats Autoswipe on or off, and configure settings. When set to ON, the track statistics and graphs at the bottom of the Track Recorder page will automatically scroll between the four available views (speed/pace & distance or custom fields, speed/pace graph, altitude graph, and ascent/decent & gradient). Configure the idle time (time the screen is idle before Autoswipe begins) and the page view time.

When turned ON, Track Recorder Auto Pause will automatically pause the elapsed time when you stop moving. When you start moving again, the elapsed time will start again. This will keep your average speed and average pace accurate if you don't manually press Pause when stopped. If the Pause button is pressed, the Auto Pause feature will not override this action.

Settings-Auto Page Cycle

Auto page cycle automatically cycles through the pages selected. When turned ON, autocycling will initiate when any of these pages are viewed. Choose to include any combination of the Track Recorder, My Position, Map or Compass pages in the rotation. Initiate auto page cycle following an idle time ranging from 10 sec to 5 min. View each page in the rotation from 5 sec up to 1 minute.


Configure how you would like MotionX-GPS to behave when you are running it in the background while multitasking with other applications.

Optimized: Keep the GPS receiver on when MotionX-GPS is backgrounded with the Track Recorder or Auto Live Updates running, or when actively navigating to a waypoint.

Always On: Keep the GPS receiver on when MotionX-GPS is backgrounded. This option consumes the most power.

Always Off: Turn the GPS receiver off when MotionX-GPS is backgrounded. This option consumes the least power.

Location Modes

Outdoor GPS: Uses the GPS chipset to determine location. Horizontal accuracy 30ft - 300ft.

Wifi/Triangulation: Uses network triangulation or Wifi hotspot location to determine position. Horizontal accuracy 100ft to 3 miles.

Manual: Define your position manually. While navigating to a waypoint, range/bearing is determined from the manually entered "Home" waypoint.

Location Modes

Optionally purchase Custom Map URLs using in-app purchase to create and host your own maps, or to use a map type not offered in MotionX. You must know and specify the map tile server URL (this is not necessarily the same as the URL you use from your browser).

Added Custom Map types are available from the main map and from Map Downloads. Check the map providers’ terms and conditions to ensure you are permitted to download their map tiles for offline use.

Examples after purchasing include USGS base map and OpenCycleMap.


Restore to factory settings: Restore MotionX-GPS to its freshly installed state. All data content, and settings will be erased.

Reset map tile sets only: Deletes all downloded map tile sets.