4. Record Track
Record a track of your hikes, runs, bike rides, trips, or other outdoor activities. Once saved, the track is added to the Tracks log. The track can be shared with others via email, Facebook, or Twitter for viewing in Google Earth, Google Maps or any GPX-capable application.
MotionX-GPS Track Recorder

Track Recorder Options:

Jumbo View : Select two two data fields to display in extra large font

Display: Select a preference for units, speed format, and skin style

Camera: Add a photo to your track using the built-in iPhone camera1, or from your camera roll

Activity Mode: Select the appropriate Activity Mode (e.g. Biking, Flying, Hiking, etc.) to optimize speed and distance accuracy2


Voice Coaching: Use voice coaching options to enable/customize audio updates while recording a track

Heart Rate:
Track your heart rate from MotionX using a ANT+ or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) chest strap heart rate sensor.

To setup an ANT+ heart rate monitor, wear the chest strap and connect the ANT+ receiver (dongle or case) to your iPhone. Select Manage Sensor>Connect. Once connected, your heart rate will display on the setup page and in the track recorder.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Newer Bluetooth Low Energy heart rate monitors are supported on the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 only as BLE requires a specific Bluetooth chipset found only in these devices. No receiver dongle or case is required and there is no need to pair the BLE HR monitor with your iPhone first. To set up, be sure Bluetooth is turned on from iPhone Settings>General. Wear the chest strap, then from MotionX-GPS select Menu>Setup>Heart Rate Sensor>Manage Sensor>Connect.

Manufacturers of Compatible Heart Rate Chest Straps

Manufacturers of compatible ANT+ iPhone Receiver Dongles and Cases

Screen Lock: Lock the screen and change the display brightness

Flashlight: Turn on the iPhone’s camera flash LED


Display Options

Swipe the bottom half of the screen vertically to view additional information. Optionally set up Autoswipe via Setup > Track Recorder to automatically toggle between views. Swipe the graphs horizontally to slide the x-axis.

Customize the data displayed on the track recorder by pressing and holding any of the lower data fields. Select a category (general, navigation, sensor, elevation), then use the picker wheel to define the field. Mix and match units of your data fields if desired. Enable or reset custom fields from Menu > Setup > Display > Custom Fields.

Each bar or data point on the speed and altitude bar charts represents a 1-minute average.

MotionX-GPS Track Recorder

Tap and Hold

Tap and hold the speed or elevation graph to see precise data point values. A small orange ball will appear -- slide your finger across the screen to see the instantaneous value displayed at the top of the graph.

MotionX-GPS Track Recorder

Full Screen Graphs

Rotate your phone to landscape and select the graph button to view real-time speed and altitude graphs with optional overlay.

MotionX-GPS Track Recorder
MotionX-GPS Track Recorder