8. Map
The MotionX Map view shows a track of your movement in relation to a map. Choose from fourteen different map types, including road, aerial, hybrid, terrain, and marine. Optionally display your waypoints, speed/heading, track history, and a coordinate grid overlay.

Waypoint Markers

MotionX-GPS Map

Map Buttons:

MotionX-GPS Map 2

Map Options:


Display: Select your preference for units, coordinates, compass, speed format, and skin style

Map types:

Signs: View or hide waypoint and track signs, optionally group nearby signs

Recorded Tracks: View or hide tracks from specific track folders

Realtime Track: Hide, save or clear the blue real-time track1

Layers: View or hide speed/heading; optionally view map overlays (gridlines, compass rose, scale marker, Lat/Lon coordinates)

Map Downloads: Launches the map download interface (see the Download Maps section for details)2

Measure Tool: Measure the point-to-point distance and bearing between any two locations Screen

Lock: Lock the screen and adjust the display brightness

Flashlight: Turn on the camera flash LED


TapTap® Tool

MotionX-GPS Map 3

Track Types:

Red Line
A solid red line represents your path while recording a track with the Track Recorder. Use the "Start Track", "Pause Track" and "Save Track" controls on the Record Track page to record and save your track. (In MotionX-GPS v18.0 and above you may change the color of your recorded track)
Red Dotted Line
A dotted red line represents an interpolated path between two points when signal has been lost while the Track Recorder was running.
Blue Line
A solid blue line traces your path when a GPS signal is active and the Track Recorder is not in use. In the event that you forgot to start the Track Recorder, you can save these blue tracks to the Logbook. Select Realtime Track > Save in the Options menu on the Map page. All blue tracks will be combined into a single track and saved.
Blue Dotted Line
A dotted blue line represents an interpolated path between two points when signal has been lost and the Track Recorder was not running.
Green Dashed Line
A dashed green line from the arrow indicates the path to the waypoint you have chosen as your destination using the Go To or Start Nav buttons.
Orange Line
A dashed orange line represents a previously recorded track that is being followed. A green start flag indicates the start of the track and a checkered end flag indicates the end.