3. Track Recorder


Q1. “How do I display Pace instead of Speed in the Track Recorder fields?”

A1. Pace and Speed units can be selected in Settings under Global Settings. When Pace is selected the Track Recorder will display Pace, Avg Pace and Max Pace. When Speed is selected the Track Recorder will display Speed, Avg Speed and Max Speed.


Q2. “When I take a photo with the Track Recorder running, will every photo be associated with the track being recorded at the time?”

A2. Only the most recent photo will be associated with the recorded track but all the photos will be saved to your camera roll. Once you save your track it is easy to change the photo associated with the track using the MotionX-GPS Tracks page.


Q3. “How do I see total distance traveled, and current & average speed?”

A3. Touch the bottom of the screen with a downward swiping motion to change the view from the speed graph to fields with average speed (or pace), current speed (current pace), total distance traveled, and max speed (max pace). Swipe with an upward motion to view your altitude profile, current gradient, and total ascent / descent information.