6. Sharing Tracks and Waypoints


Q1. “How do I export my waypoints and tracks?”

A1. You can export your waypoints and tracks by email. Go to the MotionX-Tracks or MotionX-Waypoints page, touch the waypoint or track you wish to export. Touch the "Options" button and then touch the "Share" button.


Q2. “What is included in the email when I use the 'Share Now' feature?”

A2. The email contains a link for viewing your track or waypoint in Google Maps on your PC or Mac. In addition, you will find a photo (if you assigned one to this track/waypoint) as well as KMZ and GPX files.

The KMZ file can be imported into Google Maps, Google Earth or any other mapping software which supports KMZ files. The advantage of KMZ over GPX is that it contains an embedded copy of the photo associated with your track.

The GPX (GPS eXchange Format) file is an open standard that can be imported into Google Earth and most mapping applications.


Q3. “I sent myself a Track/Waypoint and I never received it.”

A3. First check to make sure your email address doesn't contain a typo in Settings >> One Click Share. Next check to ensure the receiving email client didn't file the email as spam. If neither of these resolve the problem, use the support form to let us know. Be sure to include the date, time and email address you sent to.


Q4. “I emailed a track to myself so I could view it in Google Maps, but when I click the link, my track is no longer available.”

A4. The link to view tracks in Google Maps on your PC or Mac expires one month after the email was sent. The date of expiration is in the email. You can always use the attached GPX or KML files to display your track again. Once displayed in Google Maps we suggest using "Save to My Maps" to save for future use.


Q5. “Do you have a website for all my tracks and my waypoints?”

A5. If you are a Facebook user all you have to do is go to the following link, install the MotionX-GPS Facebook App and then share your Tracks on Facebook using Share from MotionX-GPS on your iPhone.  They will then appear on the "My Logbook" page in the Facebook app.

MotionX-GPS Facebook App: http://apps.facebook.com/motionx-gps/

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