2. Maps and Tracks


Q1. “What is a track?”

A1. A track is a series of points recorded during your journey.


Q2. “How do I record a track?”

A2. Tracks are recorded while the stopwatch is running.  You can save a track to your Tracks logbook by pressing "Save" when the stopwatch is paused. In the event you forgot to start the Track Recorder, you can still save your tracks to the Tracks page. Press the Save Tracks button (Touch the Maps button on the Maps page to expand the options) to combine all the tracks plotted on the map into a single track that will be saved to the Tracks page.


Q3. “What map data are MotionX-Terrain and MotionX-Road maps based upon?”

A3. MotionX-Terrain and MotionX-Road maps are drawn from OpenStreetMap (OSM) database. MotionX supports the OpenStreetMap effort because OSM is to maps what Wikipedia is to encyclopedias. You'll notice that OSM already has additional features beyond roads such as hiking paths added by users and is getting better by the day. In fact, we noticed recently the addition of ski lifts and there is more coming every day. We are all contributing to making OSM better.

Our team is focused on making MotionX-GPS the best navigation solution and be assured that we are working very hard on bringing you the best possible maps that we can, always improving. It's exciting to be contributing to efforts that will be to Maps what Wikipedia is to encyclopedias.


Q4. “What do the various lines displayed on the MotionX-GPS Maps page indicate?”



Q5. "How do I clear old tracks from my Map page?"

A5. To clear old tracks currently drawn on the MotionX-Maps page, touch the MAPS button on the Maps page and select Clear Tracks. This will erase the track data from these two pages, but does not affect tracks saved to MotionX-Tracks Logbook page.


Q6. “How do I toggle between North-Up, Course-Up, Direction Up or Auto Up on the Map page?”

A6. Select MAPS button at the bottom left of the Map page. Choose Road, Terrain, Satellite, Hybrid or Marine from the menu. North Up, Course Up, Direction Up, or Auto Up are indicated by the icons after each map type. Course Up, Direction Up and Auto Up options are not supported by Google Maps. Direction Up and Auto Up are only available for the iPhone 4 and 3GS, since the 3G does not contain a digital compass.


Q7. "Are my tracks limited in length to the 303 waypoint limit in MotionX-GPS?"

A7. The 303 waypoint limit only applies to manually created waypoints (New Wypt or Photo buttons). Tracks can be thousands of location samples each.


Q8. “Can I get total vertical ascent in a track?”

A8. Yes. While recording a track, vertically scroll the bottom part of the Track Recorder page to view an altitude profile; scroll further to see current elevation, gradient, and total ascent/descent. Your current altitude is always available on the Position page. You can get a summary of the track, including the altitude of the highest and lowest points, when using the Email feature. Your track also contains altitude data which can be viewed in Google Earth.


Q9. “Can I use MotionX-GPS for turn-by-turn driving directions?”

A9. MotionX-GPS is not a turn-by-turn navigation application that will guide you when driving with routing and voice guidance. It is intended primarily for hikers, cyclists, runners, skiers, geocachers, sailors, and any other activity where you want to track your route. For real-time turn-by-turn routing, please visit the MotionX-GPS Drive website.


Q10. "Do I need a network connection to retrieve maps?"

A10. Yes. The maps are streamed over the network. You will need either Edge, 3G or WiFi to access the maps. Use the MotionX-GPS Download Maps function to download and store maps locally on your device for offline access.


Q11. "Can I turn maps off to reduce data usage?"

A11. Yes. From Settings (gear icon), go to Maps and Tracks and turn Map Data off.

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