1. FAQ Overview


Q1. My iPhone™ feels slow and things are not working?

A1. Rebooting (powering off and then back on) your iPhone periodically is the first thing you should try if you are having issues with any iPhone App. Simply press and hold the top button until you see "Slide to power off" appear on the display. Then slide the arrow and wait for the phone to power off. Once off, press and hold the top button and your iPhone will power back on.


Q2. Can MotionX-GPS be run on a first generation iPhone™ or iPod® Touch?

A2. First generation iPhones and iPod touches do not have a GPS chipset and cannot be used to navigate with MotionX-GPS. You may use the iPod touch in conjunction with an Apple-approved external GPS receiver such as the Dual GPS Navigation device, but you will still need a Wifi connection to access map data.


Q3. I am unable to switch MotionX-GPS to Outdoor Mode to acquire an active GPS signal when I touch the M or W button, even when I select the Outdoor Mode button. How can I correct this?

A3. Check your iPhone's Settings to see if Location Services is active for our application. With iOS 4, you can selectively turn Location Services on/off for each application. You should have seen a pop-up when you first launched MotionX-GPS asking if it was okay for the app to use your location. If you selected "Don't Allow", you will not be able to select Outdoor Mode. To turn Location Services back on, go to iPhone Settings > General > Location Services. Switch Location Services ON for MotionX-GPS.


Q4. Is MotionX-GPS performance affected by other applications?

A4. Occasionally apps that can run in the background, such as Mail, may affect the performance of MotionX-GPS. For example, the user interface may be slow to respond while large emails are being downloaded in the background.


Q5: With iOS 4.0 how do I make sure MotionX-GPS is not running in the background and affecting my battery?

A5: To fully close MotionX-GPS, you need to close it from the task manager. To do this, press the iPhone's home button twice to bring up the task manager. Press and hold the MotionX-GPS icon, then select the minus sign to close. Once you reach a destination, MotionX-GPS will turn off the GPS signal search if you've been without a signal for 2 minutes. This is to prevent your battery from draining if you've reached your destination and you move indoors. If your iPhone maintains a GPS signal after you've arrived at your destination -- for example if you are still outside or near a window -- your battery could be drained prematurely and you will need to close the app from the task manager.


Q6. What datum does MotionX-GPS use?

A6. MotionX-GPS uses the WGS 84 datum.


Q7. What does the spinning earth at the upper right of the screen indicate?

A7. The spinning earth icon indicates current GPS signal status. Touching the earth icon toggles between online and offline modes.


Q8. Where can I find out more about upcoming features of MotionX-GPS and other MotionX products?

A8. The best place to get the latest news on MotionX products, including MotionX-GPS is at news.MotionX.com.


Q9. I have some great ideas for features I’d like to share with the MotionX team. Where do I send this?

A9. We’d love to hear about your suggestions. You can share your ideas either through the support form or through the Submit Feedback form accessible from Help on your iPhone™.


Q10. I purchased MotionX-GPS and I see there is an update available. How do I upgrade without being charged again?

A10. Apple® keeps track of all purchases and will not charge you twice for the same application. If you use the Buy Now button to upgrade, you will be told the download is free after you enter your iTunes® username and password. However, we recommend you use the standard update method of launching the App Store icon on your iPhone™, select the Update button at the bottom right and find MotionX-GPS in the list. Alternately you can update from iTunes® under Applications, then sync the update to your iPhone™.


Q11. I plan to take MotionX-GPS on a trip abroad, will MotionX-GPS work normally? Can I avoid roaming fees for data downloads?

A11. Yes, you can use MotionX-GPS without a data connection. To avoid connecting to a network and incurring data fees, launch your iPhone Settings > General > Network and switch "Data Roaming" to the OFF position. This prevents any app from connecting to a network.

data roaming

Without a data connection you will be unable to share your tracks and waypoints, or to download maps. Otherwise everything should work normally.

For offline map access, download MotionX-Road or MotionX-Terrain maps ahead of time so you can access them with data roaming disabled. Please see our Download Map feature to learn more.

Do not use the iPhone's Airplane Mode while running MotionX-GPS, because this setting disables the GPS chipset. If you wish to test your GPS chipset without any network assistance, you can remove your SIM card. It may take up to 15 minutes to get an initial signal lock, although it can be much shorter.

You may also wish to check out our battery saving tips which can be very useful while traveling.


Q12. My iPhone has a clear view of the sky, but I'm still not able to acquire GPS signal. What should I do next?

A12. GPS signal issues can often be resolved with a reboot. To reboot your iPhone, hold down the sleep/wake button for 5-6 seconds until you see a switch appear on the screen. Flick the switch to power off. Press the sleep/wake button again to power back on. Once rebooted, try launching MotionX-GPS while outside with a clear view of the sky and wait a few minutes for the globe at the upper right to turn blue.

If you still cannot acquire and maintain a solid a GPS signal, it's possible your iPhone has a defective GPS chipset. Here is a test you can use to determine if the issue is with the GPS chipset. If you go to the native maps application that came with your iPhone and press the crosshairs button while outside, do you see the small blue dot animate with a "ping"? View the short video below to see what this should look like. It may take a minute or so to acquire a signal. If you don't see the blue dot animate persistently over a period of 3-4 minutes, your chipset may be defective and you may need to return your iPhone for one with a functional GPS chipset. If you can see it animate, switch back to MotionX-GPS and wait for your GPS signal to be acquired (blue globe).

Click to view gps signal "ping" animation video


Q13. I experienced a MotionX application crash, how can I help MotionX identify the problem?

A13. Application crashes frequently are the result of a low memory condition on the device (iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad), which can be resolved by rebooting. If rebooting does not address the problem, please upload your crash report by syncing your device with iTunes. To ensure your crash report is uploaded, first reset the warnings for your device. Do this by right-clicking your device name in iTunes, then select "Reset Warnings" from the pop-up menu.

The next time you sync, you will see the following message.

data roaming

Select the "OK" button, and your crash reports will be uploaded to Apple each time you sync. Apple makes these reports available to developers to facilitate bug fixes and crash-free apps.


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