10. Importing & Exporting


Q1. “How do I export my waypoints and tracks?”

A1. You can export your waypoints and tracks by email. Go to the MotionX-Tracks or Waypoints page, touch the waypoint or track you wish to export, touch the "Options" button and then touch the "Share" button.


Q2. “How do I import waypoints and tracks?”

A2. Importing of GPX waypoints and tracks into MotionX-GPS is supported in version 7.1 or later (Full version only).

Import Google Earth tracks into MotionX-GPS Tutorial Video


Q3. “What file types can I import into MotionX-GPS?”

A3. The import feature supports waypoints and tracks only in the GPX file format. If you have a waypoint or track in a different file format, use a file converter such as GPSVisualizer or GPS Babel to convert to GPX.


Q4. “When importing, how many GPX files can be attached to the email?”

A4. Each import email can contain up to 12 waypoint GPX files or 1 track GPX file.


Q5. “Are there file size constraints for the GPX files to be imported?”

A5. There currently aren't any hard file size constraints imposed on the imported GPX files, the restriction is the amount of free RAM on your iPhone. For 3G users this is typically 10-20MB, for 3GS users it can be as high as 100MB. Before importing file sizes greater than 2 MB, we strongly recommend that you reboot your iPhone.


Q6. “If importing a GPX file from a photo waypoint, will the photo be imported into MotionX-GPS?”

A6. Not at this time, but look for this functionality in a future update.


Q7. “Why does my converted GPX file import into MotionX-GPS as multiple tracks?”

A7. If a KMZ file is converted to a GPX using gpsvisualizer or another converter, there is a chance the track will be broken up into segments and when it is imported will show up on the MotionX-GPS Tracks page as multiple tracks.

To make sure your track is imported as one track you may manually delete the track segment separators from the GPX file.

Example of the separator: (remove the section in bold to create one continuous track)

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